7 Mind Games Emotionally Insecure Men Play on Women


Are you sick and tired of men playing mind games with you?

Maybe you see your guy has a text from a woman and you ask who it is…and he goes off, saying you’re accusing him of cheating (when you weren’t) and demands you apologize for not trusting him.

Maybe a guy strings you along by texting you constantly and making you feel like a queen…and then ghosts for days or weeks….before coming back and adoring you again.

What gives?! You’re not 12-year-olds, so why do men insist on messing with your mind when all you want is a loving relationship with a nice guy??

It’s frustrating, heartbreaking, and annoying, and it makes you worry that there are no good men out there.

In this week’s video, I’m going to show reveal the 7 mind games emotionally insecure men play on women so that you can avoid the players and find the healthy relationship you deserve.

Guilt trips. Jealousy. Gaslighting. There are many mind games that some men play, but frankly, you don’t have time for them. Yes, it can be disappointing for a man who seemed to have potential to suddenly start jerking you around, but look at it like this: at least you can filter him out quickly and move on.

Enough. You’re done putting up with men who don’t value you enough to be genuine and forthcoming. It’s time to take control of your love life.

There’s no room for mind games in a real, loving relationship. A true partnership requires both of you putting in energy and supporting one another in a balanced way. It’s not about one-upping your partner or trying to have control.

Have you dealt with men playing games? Leave a comment below and share your story.

Your Coach,




P.S. If you’re truly sick of the mind games, check out my Little Love Steps free training, which will help you meet quality men who don’t play games.

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