Beef Asada Tacos ?? | Beef And Bean Asada Tostadas | #BeefCarneAsadasFries #beeftaco #beeftostadas

Deirdre Clemons | #deirdreclemons
#CookingCommunity #easyrecipes #easycooking

Happy Saturday, May 16. 2020

Welcome back to my channel

Beef Asada Tacos ?? | Beef And Bean Asada Tostadas | Beef Carne Asada Fries?? #beeftaco #beeftoatada #mexicanfood #beefcarneasadafries #StayHome and Cook #WithMe And help save lives #quarantine

TASTE OF THE MEXICAN CUISINE FOODS!! #mexicancuisine #cuisinefood

Beef Carne Asada Fries | Beef Asada Tacos ?? | Beef And Bean Asada Tostadas | Mexican Foods |Hum Delicious | ? #beefcarneasadafries #chickencarneasadafries #mexicanfood #carneasadafries #mukbang

#tastyfood #quickmealideas

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If you would like to contribute to my cookbook I appreciate it. My cookbook I share personal anecdotes and cooking tips every step of the way. From comfort foods, deep southern dishes, to delicious desserts, this book has something savory for everyone. Need to expansion my cookbook to the world so by that been said. I am just asking for a little help. I have always wanted to come out with my own cookbook I dedicated it to my mom and dad. Because that’s where I learn my cooking skills with my parent that why I say I dedicated it to them. And I also dedicated to my immediate family my husband and kids because they are my supporters as well.

BIO: Food has always been at the center of my life. Most people who knew me as a child know I have always love to cook and watch my mom cook daily. But having a passion for food, and the ability to share it with others is a gift that you can give to those you love. It is with that spirit I share my cookbook to the world. Throughout this book you will see many different recipes I grew up on, how I love my southern foods from East Texas. I have many food photos, and recipes on my mom and dad traditional recipes. My mom and dad is a Christian family, when I show my mom my cookbook she was very proud of the content in the book. I told my mom it’s very hard to sell your product online to people and sometimes they can over look your product. Especially if they don’t know you or you’re not a Celebrity in their world. My mom always say “Baby” don’t worry about what people think or you. As long as you pray about it; and keep God first that’s what’s court.
It’s not about spending a lot of money, it’s about making what you do count. Taking pride in what you have, and pampering yourself in little ways that make you feel special. If I can get enough contribute on my cookbook you guys this will be a “Dream” come true to me and my family. If you guys took the time to read a little of my BIO I thank ? you very much and if you didn’t that’s okay too. ? I am a God child I will continue praying ?that my book will receive a blessing ? from someone ? in this universe.
Thanks for reading God Blessed ?
Deirdre Clemons

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