Berlin offers women discounted travel for Equal Pay Day

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Dozens of women queued at the BVG machines in Berlin on Monday, as the German public transport company offered a 21 percent discount for women only on ‘Equal pay day’, in support against the gender pay gap.

“They [the government] should work to resolve the difference, like in Iceland. The women in Iceland went on strike and they didn’t work and now they all have the same pay. I think that is super,” said a woman who praised the initiative.

However, a male customer stressed: “Is it fair that, you know, from now forward we say that subway tickets are cheaper 21% for women, as opposed to men? It’s probably not, because then we are swinging the pendulum too far to the other side,” adding “But, you know, we aim for ‘Gleichberechtigung’ which is equality among the sexes, so in the long run it shouldn’t go either way, one way or the other.”

Statistically women in Germany earn 21 percent less than men working in the same position and with the same professional experience.

Despite being a one-day offer, BVG installed a special facial recognition ticket machine at the Alexanderplatz hub in Berlin, where women could get monthly or annual tickets benefiting from the discount.

The special offer can help women save up to €160 (£136), with monthly tickets valid for April and annual tickets starting on April 1.

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