Best Icebreaker to Use on a Dating Site (dating advice for men 2019)

Best Icebreaker to Use on a Dating Site (Dating advice for men 2019)

Use this 3 step conversation openers process to get more women to respond to your messages on dating sites.

Here’s why it works:
1. Shows confidence #alpha
2. Makes her laugh #endorphins
3. Piques her curiosity #curiouskitty

What chick doesn’t like that combo? (Hint: only the ones you don’t want anyway!)

So, if you want to know how to get more replies on dating sites then watch the video and let me know in the comments some conversation openers you’ve used that have worked.

I love reading your comments! Yes, even the rude or weird ones.

Why? Because life is more interesting when we have different opinions even if when we don’t agree.

Did you see that spiritual diva shit I just threw down? Bam!

I honestly believe that love is the answer. Not romantic love but LOVE LOVE.

p.s. I just ate me some field raised mac ‘n cheese. Honestly, I didn’t know that macaroni needed field raising but I feel less guilty eating it.

p.p.s. For those of you who aren’t familiar with my weird sense of humour, the previous p.s. was a joke.

As always, if you have questions, write it in the comments under the video, I always answer those second. For free.

Or submit them via my #AskAnnaAnything page over yonder where I answer once a month (or when I feel like it), I always answer those third. For free.

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xo AJ

Disclaimer: Anna is not a shrink, psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist or trained professional. She’s just a chick with an opinion that seems to work for a lot of people. However, you’re responsible for the decisions you make. Anna isn’t. I know, adulting is hard.


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