Chances Of Getting Job in UK/Student life/Part time job/student visa 2020/Malayalam vlog Part 1a

Hello Friends,
Welcome to Mint Vlogs Ep: 14
This episode is rather special one as, I will be in chat with our best friend here in UK about the chance or scope of landing a job in the UK, following completion of a UK course study.
The reason for this episode is solely because of the questions many people have asked me, which is: has UK got scope for job after student visa.
So having lived in the UK, for the past many years, I have been fortunate to cross path with various individuals from different stream or vocation, this has enabled me to get an insight into the UK job market through the eye of a migrant worker seeking job in various disciplines in the UK.
Today, the chat is solely to share the experience of one such individual, who like many of us , took a huge step to leave the home turf and seek to aboad in the UK.
How was it all done? Was in worth it? how did he do what was right ?
is there scope and job after studying in the UK?
Therefore, I request, you listen to this chat completely to get an understanding, as to what it is like! and how to land that dream job here in the UK, from someone who has the past experience and who has made it!

PS: This is the part 1A, of the chat series
Advice in this chat is solely of the individuals personal experience, and may not resemble or be similar to your own, kindly practice due diligence by doing your own research, as fact discussed in this chat may have changed over the course of time.
Immigration matters are very sensitive area and requires specialist advice, please seek independent advice for any concerns
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