Climate Change & Child Marriage in Bangladesh (All Parts)

Here are two seemingly unrelated facts: Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries when it comes to the effects of climate change. Around 30% of girls in Bangladesh are married before their 15th birthday.

Hidden Connections is a 20 minute documentary revealing how these two facts are intertwined.

Bristhi and Razia live in Dhaka. Brishti is 14 and works in a garment factory. Her husband’s family has thrown her out because her father hasn’t paid her dowry. Razia is 15 and works as a maid. She lives with her parents but her father worries neighbours will see her talking with boys and wants her married before her prospects are ruined.

Both girls are from families who lost their homes to river erosion. Unable to sustain life in villages, as longer droughts and increased flooding made farming impossible, they came to Dhaka to earn a living. In the film we hear their stories, meet their families and friends, and discover how climate change is pushing social change — and moving things backwards for many girls in Bangladesh.

To learn more about climate change and child marriage in Bangladesh visit: . “Hidden Connections” is a joint production of the Thomson Reuters Foundation and TakePart.

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