Could Be Your Neighbor

One would imagine a typical Monday evening to consist of dinner, a night in, and maybe doing some work to prepare for the week ahead. Our class participated in what was called the Panera Sting where we could view “Johns” attempt to purchase sex. Earlier in the day, Ty from the Net made a listing offering sex to potential buyers.
When our class gathered across the street from a hotel, I was expecting a few men to show up in response to the ad and upon learning that the ad was fake they would leave abruptly in anger. This was not the case whatsoever. Ty—acting as the pimp for the girl—texted and/or spoke with these men and had them do absurd acts. One guy pulled down his pants to show he did not have a gun and subsequently displayed more than we bargained for. The lengths these guys were willing to go to pay for sex was beyond comprehension. In most of the cases we witnessed, the “customer” was willing to jump over every hurdle imaginable just to pay for sex. Even when confronted with information that the girl was underage, they still did not care and offered to pay more.
What surprised me most was a “John” who did not show but replied to the ad. By phone number we looked him up online and found that he was married with two kids and a TCU alumnus. His social media portrayed a person who had the country club life—with golf pictures and all—yet was looking to pay a prostituted woman for sex on a Monday night.  
I have been to places like the Philippines where prostituted women approach you, but never been exposed to a situation where “Johns” were seeking out prostituted women and literally begging to give them money for sex. A basic advertisement garnered interest from 10-15 men in a matter of hours. The demand to have sex for money is extremely high and that needs to be addressed. Your neighbor, who seems like they have the perfect life, could be part of the problem. 

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