Equal Pay Is Insulting To Women Says FEMALE Fox News Host Jedediah Bila

“Fox News’ The Five turned its attention to The New York Times’ decision to replace Jill Abramson with Dean Baquet as executive editor. With rumors that Abramson’s exit was precipitated by the revelation that she was paid less than her male colleges and predecessors, co-host Jedediah Bila argued that if that were the case, there’s not necessarily anything wrong with it.

“Isn’t it more about performance and experience?” Bila asked after Andrea Tantaros noted how the paper’s stock price has dropped since Abramson took over from Bill Keller. “I mean, I don’t think you should automatically get the same salary as someone else who did a job before you just because you hold the same job.””

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Desi Doyen, Dave Rubin and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks discuss Jedediah Bila’s comments and the Jill Abramson story. Tell us what you think of Bila’s opinion in the comment section below.


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