Half the Sky Movement: Rachel Lloyd on Sex Trafficking

Rachel Lloyd talks about sex trafficking for the Half the Sky movement. In 1998, with only a computer and $30, Ashoka Fellow, Reebok Human Rights Award-winner and leading child sex trafficking advocate Rachel Lloyd established Girls Educational and Mentoring Services (GEMS) to support American girls and young women survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking.

Half The Sky Movement :


“I think most people’s kind of idea when you say ‘trafficking,’ right, is the movie ‘Taken,’ an Oprah special, a girl brought from another country, chained to a wall, men with AK-47s, I mean it’s a very specific kind of image, right? And it rarely has anything to do with American girls on the track at 42nd street, or Hunts Point, right, like they do not see those– they see that as teen prostitution, or just prostitution, right, like that’s ‘those girls,’ ‘bad’ girls, ‘dirty’ girls, right, and then there’s like, ‘Oh, there’s trafficking victims, that’s kind of sad.’ And so helping people kind of recognize that we’re talking about two sides of the same coin, that what we see American girls experience under the control of a pimp looks very, very, very similar to what we see girls from Thailand, or Cambodia, or the Ukraine experience at the hands of a pimp slash trafficker.”


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