I'm Irish and I had an abortion in the UK | STORYTIME

This week, Nicola O’ Leary comes on the podcast to share her story of getting an abortion in the UK at 22. WHILE we were recording this podcast, the Citizen’s Assembly were voting on what should be done with the Eighth Amendment of the Irish Constitution, which gave equal right to mother and foetus. (Link below)

**Important: There were some audio issues with this podcast – Nicola’s mic stopped working. I managed to salvage her audio through my mic and normalise it to the best of my ability. It won’t be as good quality at the normal podcasts but it was really important to me to publish this one. Thanks for understanding and hopefully I can get the mic fixed.

Here’s more information on abortion in Ireland and other things discussed in the podcast, for context.

Abortion law in Ireland:

The Repeal The 8th Campaign’:

The Reality of the 8th in Ireland:

Death of Savita Halappanavar:

Citizen’s Assembly votes:

More on the ballots:

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