Life-changing Social Interactions

The Worthy Co observation was life changing to me. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was a lady getting her hair cut into a very cute bob. I later found out that she was one of the survivors, Misty. She came in and everyone praised her new hair cut, and she bragged about how clean and sober she looked. I felt the need to praise her as well, hearing the pride in her voice. I immediately understood what The Worthy Co was about. It’s about building the confidence of women, as well as building their work skills so that they are able to stay out of situations that brought them to The Net program to begin with. Each woman has a job that she prides herself in, as well as a place to belong. 

Goals of Worthy Co included in their pamphlet
Pictured above is a survivor with a beautiful personality
 who makes many of the candles sold

They are family and it is obvious. I saw how much good even a simple haircut could do for someone’s self-esteem and understood the value of organizations like this. The women sat around and talked like normal, while making candles and earrings. The environment is warm and inviting. Everyone is working in one room, but it did not feel crowded. The space was very safe and comforting. I got to see one of their new members hired and I listened as Sarah went through their handbook and values. Because this is an actual job, this was more business oriented but intertwined in the serious parts were the concern to keep their employees safe and on the right path. I loved the values that Sarah read out loud to the new member, because they stressed accountability as well as understanding more than any other job has. I love that they have a job that is also a safe, judgement-free zone.

The Worthy Co’s Impact
How The Worthy Co wants you to get involved

In order to promote awareness, I plan to bring my sorority to The Worthy Co retail space that they are working on renovating off of Magnolia street. They plan on having a space where groups can make their own candles, and it would be great for my sorority to do a sisterly relations event there. I was talking to Eva and Sarah about this idea, and I think that it would be great if the women instructing us were survivors instead of the instructors being Eva and Sarah, so that we could interact with the ladies. One thing I learned is that normal interactions are what The Worthy Co provides more than anything else. I can understand the value of improving these women’s social skills. Having conversations about chocolate and candle scents is simple, but it’s positive social interaction that these women may not have had in the past. 

The experience is not at all what I thought it would be. From the moment I sat down it was about empowering these women in simple ways like praising their haircuts and listening to them tell you how they make candles. I absolutely loved it and am considering contacting Sarah about volunteer opportunities, although it has nothing to do with my future career path. This experience made me think about pursuing a different sort of law that would help women instead of criminalizing them, and about how the laws could be changed to help survivors.

The candle Sheridan S. bought during the experience
Details about the new location off Magnolia St.
To find out more about positively impacting your community or to buy The Worthy Co. products, visit:

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