#MeToo In The Workplace – This Labor Lawyer's Take on False Sexual Harassment Accusations at Work

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Ever wonder about the rights of the accused?

A lot of recent focus has been rightly placed on supporting victims of workplace sexual harassment.

In this video I share from an employment attorney’s perspective the what rights an accused worker has in a situation where he/she may be falsely accused of misconduct.

Is fighting defamation / slander always worth it?

More importantly, the best defense is a bit of preventative medicine and protect yourself from a potential claim before it escalates.

If you have a troublesome relationship with a fellow employee, and fear a potential potential false claim – be smart and make sure communications are in writing, and ensure you have someone else in the room with you at all times.

Men for decades have treated women poorly in the workplace – and women are fighting back – which is GREAT.

But the HARD TRUTH is there is going to be some friendly fire here and there.

Protect yourself from having a sexual harassment claims. You have legal rights, and labor lawyers like myself are available to provide a free consultation if you have questions.

Navigating the current work environment in the #metoo era is challenging. Unfortunately good behavior alone isn’t always enough.

Know your legal rights, protect yourself, and get help when you need it.

Have questions about an workplace harassment situation?

FREE Claim Evaluations: Reach out and we’ll see you get the answers – I review every inquiry personally – and we’ll help you get through it together..

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