Janel has  beautiful and lovely eyes which is the first thing you would ever notice and this has made her standout among other models. Her beautiful eyes would make anyone in contact lust for a minute with perfection, the possibility of how good someone can look from a minuscule distance. And the one thing that made her so unimaginably attractive, is by far her eyes. Those broad and expressive eyes sitting atop the amazing vessel of Parvati, gleaming down from the greatness of the Kailash Mountains and this gives her a great edge among others when captured under full camera light. Her skin is so beautiful and succulent it shines like pearl. Janel has a great body which makes her extremely sought after in the industry.

Janel has a great body shape that whatever outfit she decides to wear would come out great and admired by many, her beauty is enchanting it would make an impotent man come back to life. Her dental set is astonish, white and sparkling and her smile is so infectious she would make everyone mood spice up in no time and when she laughs, her beguiling, oyster-white teeth usually lit up the room. It could jolt you like an electric current when that megawatt smile gave you her full attention
Have you seen her speak? Her tender voice is like an angel, she would definitely melt the heart of every single person she meet, this is why lot of photographers and clients love to work with Janel. She is classy and a woman of worth, she works with time and never waste time. She is one of our best model to work with.

She possess A slender waist, whistling down from her bust, as smoothly as the water from a waterfall, the bends of her hips, so voluptuous that you feel as if it has been carved out by the creator who sculpted out of care and feel just like a potter sculpts a vessel from raw clay. Her hot body always smells charisma and class as she confidently walks like a queen in her kingdom.
Janel amazonian figure sit well on her wafer-thin body. She has a decanter shaped waist and her complexion had an impeccable, ochrous hue. Her pencil-thin eyebrows eased down gently to her black, beetle’s-leg eyelashes. A sculptor could not have fashioned her seraph’s ears and pixie’s nose any better. Those sugar candy-sweet lips, her elegant personality would mesmerized anyone.
Janel does not only have a good physical feature. She has a personality that anyone that come across her would really feel relaxed to work with her. She is professional in whatever she does. She has graced different modeling jobs and the lens of prominent photographers for years. This length of experience makes the work part and parcel of her. She is always a first pick because of her beautiful eye features that sparkle even in the darkest time which has earned the title of being special and a wonder in creation.

Model Janel is one of The most anticipated models to hit the Rich money modeling seen thus far. She was featured in a press release about her upcoming TV debut on Rich money models. Model Janels key qualities that she brings to the modeling industry is the fact that she is so beautiful and her lofty baby deer eyes is whats being talked about by many. Janel has an audience of thousands and they are anticipating her television arrival.

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