Self Employed? How To Claim $600/WEEK Unemployment

So the new stimulus plan that was signed into effect yesterday helps a lot of Americans. But did you know that as a self employed person, you can now claim unemployment and get paid? This unprecedented bill expanded the coverage for unemployment payouts, with independent contractors, self-employed, 1099/Gig workers all being included.

Unemployment applications for self employed, independent contractors, and gig workers are NOT yet available on most state’s websites. Please check out this video for the NEWEST information about applying:

Watch this video all the way through to see how you could be collecting over $20,000 of unemployment in the next months.

This means that if you are unable to work due to the recent COVID-19 health crisis, you may be entitled to receiving weekly unemployment benefits!

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There are two things you should be looking at:

The Pandemic Unemployed Assistance – this is going to expand coverage to you if you’re self-employed. Your state should now be able to approve your unemployment if you’re unable to work now.

$600/week Payout – this is a government backed bonus payout that everyone with unemployment is entitled to. If you are already collecting unemployment as an employee that was laid off, you also get this!

This means that people across the states will be receive tons of additional unemployment income. This is crazy!

I am making this video to let you know that you may qualify. Definitely check on your states website for the eligibility requirements. They are asking if you are now unable to work from home as a self employed worker – and they will be fact checking so don’t BS it!

I hope you guys take action and apply if this is applicable to you! It’s FREE money dedicated to help you get by during these hard times. Self Employed people are going to get hit hard, so that is why they are allocating an extra $260 billion into this fund.

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