Sexist-Gender-Biased Notre Dame Women's Basketball Coach – Won't Hire Male Assistant Coaches – [HD]

Notre Dame women’s basketball coach won’t hire male assistant coaches: “We don’t have enough women in power”
Muffet McGraw is clearly a sexist against males bigot. She is power hungry just as much as many other females in today’s gynocentric gender-biased world that we now live in. That is what this is all about and all it has ever been about. POWER. Females don’t want equality. That’s the guise and facade they use to cover their real agenda which is clearly that of POWER and CONTROL. Muffet McGraw is a sexist bigot, a gender-biased self-serving to her own agenda and gender, self-absorbed ignoramus. She’s a power-crazed psycho.

You and I damn well know if a MALE was to say that to which she said and wouldn’t hire any FEMALES that the screaming harpies would be SCREECHING their fucking heads off. DEMANDING that he be fired and throwing protests at the games that he is at. More or less wanting to have him burned at the stake if not a public hanging. Females have it so hard with all this gynocentrism and constant non-stop catering to their issues and problems that now they’re creating their own issues by stupid shit like this eh. Clearly wanting to show favoritism towards the female gender and fuck all to males. But by golly, if a male was to do that EXACT same thing, then holy hell would it be the END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT.

Yeah, females are so out of touch with reality due to this gynocentric world we live in, that they’ve gone mad and out of control with their power and control that they’ve received. This also goes to show that SEXISM TOWARDS MALES is so NORMALIZED by the mainstream due to GYNOCENTRISM and GENDER-BIASED bullshit always attacking male character on social media and in general that the media and many folks of the nowadays DO NOT see ANY issue with this and what this stupid twat coach of the Notre Dame has said and done. BLATANT SEXISM TOWARDS MALES IS STILL SEXISM. Which by the way is WRONG. Which we all know WRONG IS STILL WRONG. Regardless of who does it.

And this is just with the bit of power and control that they have now. Just imagine what an egregious world we would live in if they had even more power and control. They’d ruin the world, economy and then some with their stupidity, ignorance and gender-biased gynocentric agenda. All females of the now a day ever care about is only themselves and their own selfish gender and agenda.


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