Uber BUYS Grubhub? & USWNT LOSES Equal Pay Lawsuit – Ep. 44 – Da Chicago 60 Podcast

HEY CHICAGO! This week on DA Podcast we discuss two major topics:

Topic 1: UBER BUYING GRUBHUB? Uber Eats is looking at merging/acquiring Grubhub in a full equity purchase which would make these two companies the de facto leaders in the industry. Who is this actually helping? Are restaurants benefitting from Uber and Grubhub services? Are you as the consumer benefitting?

Topic 2: US Soccer Women’s National Team loses their court case for EQUAL PAY. The USWNT claims they want more money since they have been successful and the men’s team has not. Women’s soccer has made more money than the men’s team the last few years, but why is that? Is this gender discrimination or bad bargaining? What should they do moving forward? 

We discuss those topics and some QUICK HITS and of course end every show with the Jagoff of Da Week! 

Stay tuned every week as we talk about the topics that matter the most while introducing you to the amazingly talented people that make up our most favorite Midwestern town that starts with a “C” ends with an “O” and has “HICAG” in the middle of it.. CHICAGO!

As always, BEAR DOWN and F*&% the Packers!

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