There was a calm atmosphere in the OJ Simpson Trial Thursday, unlike yesterday’s (Wednesday) eruptions when a witness mentioned the word “alibi.”

Judge Lance Ito has put off a ruling over the use of the word “alibi” to focus attention on a defence motion to use Simpson’s tape recorded statement to police without the football star taking the stand.

At the same time, Collin Yamauchi, a scientist from the Los Angeles Police Department LAPD, returned to the stand Thursday revealing more evidence crucial to the prosecution’s outstanding case against Simpson.

The trial began Thursday..out of the presence of the jury.. with a hearing on test results.

Prosecutor Rockne Harmon went head to head with defence attorney Barry Scheck.

SOUNDBITE: “Mr Harmon is arguing scientific’s going to confuse the abide by the most fundamental and foundational of reliability.”
SUPERCAPTION: Barry Scheck, Defence Attorney.

It wasn’t anything like yesterday’s brawl between Johnnie Cochran and Marcia Clark over the statement made by witness Collin Yamauchi in Wednesday’s proceedings. Yamauchi said he had heard Simpson had an “airtight alibi”, triggering a scuffle between the two lead attorneys.

SOUNDBITE: “We are certainly not going to become hysterical your honor and yell at you and become hysterical.”
Clark: “That kind of personal attack is kind of very unproper and inappropriate the court knows its advocacy and not yelling at anyone for Mr. Cochran to make that kind of sexist remark hysterical and take that umbrage at it and the court should not account for that kind of behavior.”
Ito: “I don’t”
Cochran: “She finished.”

Johnnie Cochran, Defence Attorney
Marcia Clark, Prosecutor
Judge Ito.

Ito later cautioned Cochran about describing Clark as hysterical, saying he had been tipped off by a caller about the word’s origin.

The word comes from the ancient Greek, who believed that a woman’s temper was affected by her womb.

Today (Thursday) Scientist Collin Yamauchi, who tested key evidence, continued to give evidence.

Yamauchi said the blood trail from the crime scene led into the multimillion dollar estate of the defendant and blood there was consistent with the football great’s genetic match.

SOUNDBITE: “What DQ Alpha results did you get on #12..1.1-1.2.”
Yamauchi: “That’s consistent with Simpson?” “Yes it is.”

Collin Yamauchi, Forensic Scientist
Rockne Harmon, Prosecutor.

Yamauchi is expected to present more pieces of evidence linking Simpson with the murder of his ex-wife and her friend Ron Goldman.

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