Voice over jobs – What are the best websites to find voiceover or voice acting jobs?

Here are, in my opinion as a professional voice-over, the 10 best sites for finding voice-over or voice acting jobs.

It’s a question we’re often asked at voiceovermasterclass.com

I’ll briefly list them all here, but you can get much more detail at our website or Patreon channel.

So here we go then, the first five you need to subscribe to, and the last five are free ones.

Don’t balk at subscribing. If you want to make money as a voice-over, and make it your full-time career, as well as initially paying for your studio gear, you really will need to pay some subscriptions for services like some voice sites, or for things like Adobe Audition editing software, your website hosting, We Transfer or Dropbox. But we in the voice-over business are very lucky, there aren’t that many outgoings to be honest, what you get in, is generally what you keep!

First, I’ll mention www.voices.com , this is based in Canada and covers North American accents as well as European accents.

Number two? I would say, www.thevoicerealm.com There is an American and a British version of this website, and again, has an escrow system, and you don’t even have to bid, because they have a good professional pricelist for the type of work that you’re asked to do.

Number three? I would say www.voice123.com It has an awful lot of North American accent jobs, but a decent amount of British accent jobs are posted here as well, so it’s worth Brits like myself subscribing and I’ve had quite a few great jobs from here.

My number four choice would be www.bodalgo.com This is based in Germany, where there are many, mostly industrial film producers, who need to make their German language productions, in English.

And by fifth paid site would be www.voplanet.com , this was a really big site in the first part of the century, till it went into decline and closed, but with a new owner, owner this really is on the up and up and some excellent high value network jobs to audition for this really is on the up and up and has some excellent jobs to audition for.

So what about the free sites? The www.fiverr.com site is essential for all voice-overs to enrol on. In the early days, you really did have to produce a voice-over for only five dollars, but the system is now such that you can add on all sorts of extras, that people will always want, so an average job will be more like $100. You can make a fortune on Fiverr, if you play the game right!

Moving onto www.voicebunny.com Voice Bunny is free to enrol, but it is a rather strange voice site, in that they have what are called “Speedys”, where they send an email out, the first three people who reply get the work! They don’t have very big jobs on there, but with regular work, it all adds up!

www.voiver.com is worth enrolling on, it’s based in Spain, but accepts North American, African and European and Australian accents, and if you’re lucky you could get quite a few regular jobs from this one. Like most of the free sites, you simply create your profile, upload your best showreels, and hope for the best!
And the last of my favourite free sites has to be the www.voicecrew.com , based in the USA. They don’t have usually very big jobs, but they have an awful big database of clients who return to them again and again, and with all this kind of thing, the little jobs add up over the month.

Look, I’ve just whizzed through these top voice sites, but there are many more details available on the courses we run at

So please join us on that site, or dive straight into one of our courses, for free, by subscribing to our Patreon channel.

All the best, and thanks for watching!


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