Webinar: Domestic Violence During COVID-19: Supporting Your Employees

On 19 May 2020, the WE EMPOWER G7 team hosted “Domestic Violence During COVID-19: Supporting Your Employees” webinar. This webinar explored what is the private sector’s role in addressing domestic violence experienced by their employees working remotely from home in times of COVID-19. The panelists spoke about practical policies, practices and services that companies could develop, implement and practice to help eliminate domestic violence.

This event is a result of collaboration between WE EMPOWER G7 Programme Team and Ending Violence Against Women and Girls Section. Special thanks goes to Dr Jane Pillinger, the global expert on gender equality and gender-based violence at work, for joining this event and for sharing her insights.

Diana Rusu, Policy Specialist, WE EMPOWER G7 Programme, UN Women

Dan Seymour, Director, UN Women’s Strategic Partnerships Division, UN Womne

Dr Jane Pillinger, Global Expert on Gender Equality and Gender-Based Violence at Work, Visiting Professor at the Department of Gender Studies, London School of Economics
Kalliopi Mingeirou, Chief, Ending Violence against Women Section, UN Women

Anna Falth, Manager WE EMPOWER Programme and Head of WEPs Secretariat, UN Women


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