Wipe Every Tear | Sex Trafficking Is Injustice

Injustice Exists
Sex Trafficking Is Real
Sex Trafficking Is Injustice

In Manila, groups of young girls run to every car that stops to give them a second look. The men in these cars represent a way for them to get off the streets for a few minutes at a time, food for their families, and the guarantee of lasting pain we can’t begin to understand.


There is a strip in Angeles City where there are 15,000 girls trafficked in the sex trade. Currently there is only one organization there battling this injustice.

Oh God, where is Your church?

Wipe Every Tear is a team of disciples with a fearless love of Jesus committed to acting on His commission to the Church: to bring new life and hope to the hopeless, the oppressed, and the brokenhearted in Metro Manila, and Angeles City, Philippines. 

Wipe Every Tear is about aggressively seeking out the hell-holes in most desperate need in the Philippines, and to break the chains of injustice.

We are devoted to ending this injustice and restoring hope and a future to beautiful girls trafficked in the sex trade.

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