Women in Prison – Opening Credits (FOX, 1987)

I WANT YOUR MTV! If you have old Beta or VHS tapes containing recordings of MTV from 1981 – 1987, I would love to talk with you (especially if the tapes contain the videos, VJs, and commercials!) I’ll either buy your tapes, accept donations, or transfer them for you! Shoot me a message and let’s talk!

This recording, the main title sequence from the short-lived FOX series WOMEN IN PRISON, was discovered on an old Sony Betamax video tape.

From Wikipedia:

Set in cell-block J of the Bass Women’s prison in Wisconsin, the show focuses on the interactions among the prison inmates. The show’s cast include Peggy Cass, Julia Campbell, Antoinette Byron, Blake Clark, Denny Dillon, CCH Pounder and Wendie Jo Sperber.

Campbell stars as Vicki Springer, an overachieving yuppie, who was brought to Bass Women’s Prison for supposedly shoplifting (she had been actually framed on the charge by her scheming no-good husband), where she had to deal with the inmates. Eve Shipley (Cass) was the old lady prisoner, having been there for almost 10 years and was kind of the old hand prisoner, helping others get used to the routine; Dawn Murphy (Pounder) was a bad tempered African-American woman who had murdered her abusive husband; and Bonnie Harper (Byron) was in for prostitution.

Vickie, Eve, Dawn and Bonnie all shared a cell, while, in a nearby cell of her own, complete with computer access, was Pam (Sperber), who was, not surprisingly, in prison for computer fraud. They all had to contend with guard Meg Bando (Dillon), who didn’t like the prisoners, and vice versa, and the assistant warden, Clint Rafferty (Clark), for whom Vicki worked as a secretary (for her prison job) and to whom he was attracted.

Only 13 episodes of the series were produced and aired. The show was not renewed for a second season.

The show was created by the creators of MARRIED… WITH CHILDREN.


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