Women's Health Care Rights

In this video, the issue of women’s equality through the lens of health care issues is explained. Women are unfairly being penalized for being women by having to pay taxes on feminine hygiene products, as if they are a luxury, when they are a necessity. Additionally, the opting out ability for employers to avoid providing birth control is not fair to women, when contraceptives act as a solution to various health problems. Women who use contraceptives are found to continue their education, allowing them to have a high-paying and rewarding job.
Though the only solution available at this time is to ask Congress to repeal the tampon tax and prevent employers from opting out of the provision of birth control, this is a free call to action whose successes are achievable in the near future, due to the large impact words have.

Script for Video:
The consensus based on public opinion is that a woman’s uterus is no longer considered part of her body. This has to be true, right? For if this is not, then why are the decisions regarding her body not decided solely by her? Legislative officials, rather, are found to be the deciders of the provision of birth control and taxation of feminine hygiene products. Women’s health services, including tampons and birth control, are a fundamental right and women should not be penalized for acquiring them.

Menstruation products are not a luxury that only women who can afford should have access to, because they are a fundamental necessity to ensure proper care of health.

Progress has already been made regarding the removal of the tampon tax since the European Union allowed its 28 states to remove the taxing on tampons, and in the United States, five states have also done so.

Though birth control had been provided under the Affordable Care Act by President Obama, President Trump has recently allowed many to opt-out of providing this by claiming it violates their moral or religious beliefs.

Modern contraceptives allow women to have control of their body and decide when they think it is the right time to have a child.

(According to Planned Parenthood) In women who had access to the pill legally, college enrollment was 20 percent higher than areas with women who could not access the pill legally. Birth control has also been estimated to account for more than 30 percent of the increase in the proportion of women in skilled careers from 1970 to 1990, and children conceived in areas with greater financial access to contraception were 2 to 7 percent more likely to attain 16 or more years of education.

In order to have a world where gender equality actually exists, the first step is to tell Congress to repeal the tampon tax and to restrict employers from opting out of providing birth control to women. If there is no one fighting for these fundamental healthcare rights, then in the future, a woman’s position in society will only based off of what legislative officials decide. In the future, do we really want to see women continue to be seen as inferior to men?

I didn’t think so either.

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